Dehradun is a beautiful city and capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, near the Himalayan foothills.It is one of the oldest cities of India. Dehradun is known for its calm and relaxing life where the weather is pleasant and the air is fresh, throughout the year. It lies between the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers, two of the most prominent water bodies in the country. Dehradun is the gateway to some of the most famous hill stations like Mussorie, Dhanolti and the pilgrimage spots of Haridwar and Rishikesh also. Dehradun is also known as “school capital of India“for the number of schools it is home to.

For a memorable trip to Dehradun whether you are going solo,couple or family, I want to give you idea about some interesting and amazing places that you should know before visiting this beautiful city :


Robber’s cave, locally known as Gucchu Pani. It was believed that Robbers used to take hide in Gucchu Pani after robbery, so British named it as Robber’s cave. It is a natural cave formation where river flows inside the cave. It is located near Shasradhara (thousand fold spring). It is one of the beat attractions of Dehradun. It is known for its disappearing river and the trek that leads up to a waterfall. It is very much adventurous to trek between two cliffs via a dark cave. The trek begins from Anarwala village and goes all the way up till you reach the 10 m high waterfall. For those who don’t want to trek all the way, can reach here by car but will have to walk the last 1 km on foot.You can enter into the cold water river with folding pants and witness small and large waterfall. Experiencing beautiful natural cave with legs in freezing water is amazing and romantic as well.This is an ideal spot for picnic also and you can enjoy various food items nearby the location. You can visit on any day of the week from 7 am to 6 pm.


FRI is an institute of the Indian Council of Forestry research and Education and is a first institute in the field of forestry research in India. The main attraction of this institute is the building itself. A grand building that is located in a peaceful 5-sq-km park and will take you back in time with its Mughal towers, Red brick colossus,Roman columns and perfect archways. The building houses six museums related to forestry.In the museum you will find painting of plants,animals and birds,exhibits of plants and their medicinal use and a cross section of a 700 year old Deodar tree. In addition, the places also houses a Botanical garden. The Museum is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily and important note is that the museums close for lunch at 1 pm for 30 minutes.

Because of the beauty of the location and its admiring architecture ,many bollywood movies like Student of the Year,Paan Singh Tomar, Rehnaa Hai Teere Dil Mein, Mohabbatein,etc. also shot here.



Clement town is a cantonment town in Dehradun city.This is a Tibetan monastery which has idols of Buddha and Padmasambhava inside as well as huge statues of both in the garden.Clement town is home to the Mindrolling Monastery which is one of the largest Buddhist centers in India.It is the highest Mindrolling Monastery in the world.The monastery is one of the most beautiful ones and known for its architecture. Colorful paintings and panels on the walls, prayer wheels,colorful prayer flags are highlights of this monastery. One of the major attraction here is still Stupa that was established in 2002. It represents world peace and is surrounded by a garden. The Stupa depicts one of the best Buddhist artwork in the country. By visiting this place, you definitely feel immense peace and experience Tibetan life and Buddhist Culture. This place also have few shops from where you can buy a souvenir or token of remembrance related to their culture for your dear ones and you can also have some Tibetan food in their canteens.


Tapkeshwar temple is also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple located on the bank of seasonal Asan river. The temple is so named because it is inside the cave and water from its ceiling drip down on the Shiva Lingam drop by drop.The water that falls on the idol disappears into the ground and is seen a few feet away in the stream. The Tapkeshwar temple is well known due to natural Shiva linga in a cave.The beautiful temple is situated between the two hills and by the forest side, add to its charm and attracts many tourists.The cave that houses Tapkeshwat temple is called Drona cave as it is believed that Dronacharya, the esteemed teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas of the Hindu epic of Mahabharata used to reside here in this cave. There is a huge Hanuman idol outside the temple too. While simple and charming in its appearance, it is one of the popular destination in Dehradun.



Clock tower is a landmark and is attractive location in Dehradun metropolis.It is known as “GHANTA GHAR” domestically. It was built by the British during British rule.The six faced clock tower has a clock in each face and is visible from different parts of the city. The clocks are not in working condition now but the clock tower still stands tall.The monument is at Rajpur Road and has names of Freedom Fighters engraved on its wall in gold. The area around Clock tower is full of shops, offices, business parks etc.

CLOCK TOWER ( pic credit:

Hence, these are the five places that I found interesting.If you want to visit this beautiful city and you are short on time then you should plan a visit to at least these five places and you’ll have no regrets.

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