This is a very basic reality we observe in our daily life that we women never stand up for each other even for little things. So, today I decided to put some light on the topic that we are not bothering to see i.e. “Why Women do not support other women”.

There are many examples that we see in our day to day life where women get neglected in each stage of life. I want to present some examples before you:

  • A woman who is mother sacrifices her life for the upbringing of her children. It is good to take care of children but this is the shared responsibility of both the parents. Generally, women is the only one who does nothing beyond caring for her children all throughout her life. In the process, she loses her self identity. She also teaches her daughter the same thing i.e. sacrifice her life for others.
  • A woman who is sister also give up her things for her brother. In many homes we see that the sayings and demands of boys are kept much more superior than a girl. Decisions are taken by the man and there is no participation of woman.
  • A woman who is daughter has to sacrifice things for her parents. In Indian society, we always hear a sentence that “A girl is the honor of the family”. By giving such huge responsibility on the shoulder of girl, every parent tries to cage her daughter and burden her from the very beginning. Even the most liberal parents try to give their daughters everything except freedom.
  • A woman who is wife spends her whole life by walking behind her husband. In the Indian society, most of the women are housewives and they take care of their house and children as their prime responsibility. But their husband usually take them for granted and don’t respect them or their work. Women who are working also have to take care of their house and work both at the same time. They work tirelessly round the clock to make balance between their work and personal life. Most of them go through unthinkable injustice at the hands of their male counterparts in the office and at home too. These injustices are generally the by-product of male jealousy,ego and uncontrolled aggression. And at this stage also she is not supported even by her own mother.

So, by observing the few examples given above you can analyse that how woman sacrifices her life from childhood, how everyone tries to control her. And if you analyse them closely then you can find that all these problems can be solved if other women like mother, friends, sisters and colleagues etc support them. If a mother teaches her daughter to always stand for herself, If parents build confidence in their daughter and treat her equal to their son, If daughter in law is supported by her mother in law like her own daughter, we can surely see change in the conditions of women in the country.

When every women supports other women in each stage of life, then no women will have to sacrifice her self identity or her self respect. No women will have to bear the pain of sacrifice ever.

Learn to stand up for yourself and for other women. Learn to fly and let other women to fly.

Thank you.

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