Today, in this Pandemic scenario, we have to focus on the things which we can do as a citizen, for our country. As we know there is severe slowdown in economy of our country and it get worse due to Covid-19 lockdown. So, in this situation Government is taking fruitful steps for fighting pandemic as well as to save economy. But, we the citizens of this country cannot just twiddle our thumb and wait for the golden days to come. Here is the time where citizens have to come forward and give their contributions for the nation.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”


We are all aware of the news that INDIA and CHINA are entangled in a serious border dispute along Eastern Ladakh and Naka La in sikkim. The India-China border has been witnessing tensions over the past couple of months with incidents reported in at least four different locations along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The famous slogan “Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai” which was the tagline of India’s diplomacy with China in the mid 1950s now seems to be faded.

China has not done this war with India only, they have also done this to Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Today due to pandemic, China has shut their factories and many operations like export of goods etc. are closed and because of this, rate of unemployment are raising day by day. Chinese citizens are getting angry about Beijing’s handling of Corona virus. And this is the biggest fear of China i.e. rising internal dissatisfaction and revolt. To cope with their own citizen’s revolt and got threatened that this lead to topple the government, China antagonize with their neighbor countries,so that their own people remain joined and got distracted. This is not the first time that China has done something like that. In 1958-62 , when China waged war against India , which was also because, China was facing Great Chinese Famine and starvation. And to handle their citizens and to distract them, China opted for war. For China, increase in GDP and happiness rate is very important and when their GDP rate starts to fall then there is huge chance of revolt by their citizens.

Now, its our turn Indian People. We have the power to boycott Chinese product. So, what are you waiting for? Show china our unity to save our economy. I know it’s not easy to boycott Chinese product suddenly but gradually we can do this. At first, uninstall your Chinese software like TIKTOK, SHATREiT, PUBG, UC BROWSER, CLUB FACTORY, XENDER, APP LOCK etc. After this boycott all MADE IN CHINA PRODUCTS like MOBILES,LAPTOPS, CLOTHS,ACCESSORIES, DECORATIVE ITEMS etc. It takes time to boycott all these things but if we join hands and take oath to boycott Chinese products then we can achieve success one day. And you don’t need to be panic because everything has replacement and automatically with time we are able to find it. For this I want to give you one example from which maybe you got convinced. Boycotts movement are not new to India. You must heard about “SWADESHI MOVEMENT” which was started by BAL GANGADHAR TILAK in 1905 against BRITISH Government. So, we must learn from our history and we already know that ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’.

Recently, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation and encouraged Indian to buy local. Modi’s “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” movement is an attempt to make India self reliant.

And if you are not boycotting chinese products then this is very shameful thing. Look at this data:

India import from China = 5.2 Lac Crore rupees

India export to China= 1.2 Lac Crore rupees

Trade Deficit = 4.2 Lac Crore rupees.

By observing the above data , you can understand the scenario. Take notice on one thing that if we continue to buy Chinese things like this then we are harming our own country. On one hand our INDIAN SOLDIERS are fighting on border for saving our country and on other hand, we as a citizens of India are buying Chinese goods and from that money China makes weapons and use it against our Indian army.

If India with population of 1.37 billion determinedly take decision to boycott Chinese product then we can get success in saving our economy and show China that Indian people have much more unity and we are true patriot.

“Customer is God” and when customer do their choices then no one questions and this is our small contribution from each and every citizens of India to our nation.

Thank you.

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