This is a story of a girl and a random rickshawala. So there was a girl who was a student and was going to study in library everyday. Library was far from her house ,so she took bus or rickshaw to reach there . One day when she was heading to her house after library then as usual she was waiting for bus or rickshaw and after her long wait, finally a rickshaw came.She took the rickshaw and make herself comfortable in it. She told the address of her house to rickshawala and then the ride started.

For some moment there was a deep silence inside the rickshaw and sudden rickshawala casually asked the girl whether she was married ? The girl surprisingly saw the rickshawala and answered him YES. Girl asked the rickshawala, how he knew that she was married ? Rickshawala with his smiling gesture answered her that from her “Bindi” that she was wearing on her forehead , gave him hint that she was married. And then conversations started between them like this. Rickshawala was a middle age man and girl was about 26 year old. Rickshawala asked her what she was studying for ? Girl replied she was preparing for Government job exam. Rickshawala again asked her whether she got time to study and prepare for exam in her in laws’ house or their in laws allowed her to study? Girl replied ,yes they allowed me to study. Rickshawala applauded her in laws . Rickshawala again asked her that then why she was looking too stressed and sad ? The girl was shocked with his question and started to think , how he was able to find her inner feelings. Nobody asked her like that not even her close one or family member. The girl with low pitch voice said that yes I was upset and frustrated with many people. Now the girl got comfortable in the talk with rickshawala and told him the reason why she was stressed.

The girl started from beginning, that she wanted to make her self identity as she got a good education . But according to society rules, she got married as per their parent’s decision. She don’t want to waste her life in the name of society. She had only one wish that to achieve something and to get respect from all the person who thinks that to marry and have children is the main duty of a girl. Due to marriage, the girl have to mange things in different environment. She got confused between her duty ,as a Bahu (daughter-in-law) or as a Student.

Rickshawala listened her each and every sentence very calmly and he told the girl that she was doing a fantastic job and there was no need to be upset with her parents . He said the girl that her parents did all the things for her and made her good enough to do things efficiently and now she was on real field and had to fight for herself on her own. He advised her firstly, to focus on the things that matters her a lot that helps to make her’s self-identity and then secondly do their duty as a Bahu.

They reached at the destination. The girl was overwhelmed with the conversation with rickshawala and she felt like that God sent him for her to resolve the turbulence that was present in her mind and heart. She felt very much motivated and surprisingly calm from inside. She got off from rickshaw and thanked him for the beautiful conversation and said him good bye.


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