DARKLost in darkness is like when you can’t see anything. Like when you are walking on a road that has no end or like when you are lost in a dense forest from where you are unable to find any escape. For me Lost in darkness means when no one understands you.

You come to this world alone and you have your own path and journey to complete. All the people like your parents, friends etc. from your birth to death are just part of your journey. Some of them become very close to you that you remember throughout your life and some are like passing days. During your journey, at some point of time you realize that you are all alone, though you have all your family and friends but then also there is no one in this universe who can really understands you . You are crying out in pain but no one knows how to find you beside your fake smile. You shout for help but no one knows how to reach to you. You can feel your breath down your skin that is suffocating but no one understand that. When you try to convey your pain to your closer one’s then they suggest you that you overthink or living in a dreamy world, there is nothing like that. But if ,really everything is alright then why there is so much pain you feel from inside. It just like,specially for girls, from childhood, everyone want to do everything for you ,so that you can’t feel any trouble in life but they forget that they do in their own way that you don’t need. They can guide you but they have no right to make path for your journey because they don’t understand you from inside.

People lost in their own journey of life due to these things. Everyone is so much connected to each other’s life that you have to take steps according to all of them. And that is the biggest problem , because sometimes this is very suffocating. Everyone has right to live free , so please let everyone to live their life fully and happily according to their own made path.

Thank you.


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