Housewife or House arrest shows irony in itself which is typically for emphatic effect. This is something interesting topic which is close to happiness  but at the same time very painful for someone.I am writing on this topic through experience which I see in my surrounding. It is very common in Indian society and I don’t know about other countries , so let me know if these things happens in other countries or not through your comments.  

At first I want to introduce you about Indian Housewives. In India, Housewife means a girl whose life is totally dedicated to her husband and in -laws.It means she only think and do the works related to his husband like household work, taking care of children etc. Housewives unconditionally do their works and demand nothing and even she forgets her self identity. Every person have some dreams and their way of living but in India, at first girl’s parent compel her to do marriage and then she have to change according to their Laws house.

I put this irony in my topic because it seems like an arrest. A girl who is full of dreams and want to live as the way she like but she is caged in a house with a false dignity and lots of decoration on her body to which the society gave the word ” SANSKARI “. Many women in India are suffering from this situation called House arrest but is hidden under the title Housewife.

In India , society develop a false presentation of a girl’s life. All the people related to girl decide their journey in life and the girl who try to do something beyond their decision are not accepted in society. I don’t say that housewife is bad thing but if a girl is not willing to do that role and society compel her to do then this is mental sickness of Indian culture. It is high time girls , please do the things which is right for you. You are not property  which is owned  by someone. I know you think that it is more difficult to do than to talk about but just think that Are you really happy from inside ? And if you get answer then don’t allow anyone to take your self identity.





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