Tale Of Two Paths

A Path is a series of events that will lead to a particular destination. Tale of two paths is all about the different stories that each path want to share.

IMG_20190422_174046One path is full of hope, love, passion and always giving positive vibes. This path is full of dreams which seems to be very beautiful and pleasing. This path have some kind of energy which always attracts me and I don’t want to break this flow. I eagerly wanted to be part of this path which is like heaven to me. I collect my senses and with all concentration , I try to rethink and rethink about other options other than this path but I always failed  because I don’t find any option other than this path. I think I am connected to this path with all my heart. I am like this and this path help me to be like my own things. This path never judge me. I just don’t know what happens in future, Is it remain the same as beautiful as it feels right now or not. But one think I know that if I am on this path I can bear all the pain with smiling face.

Now if we talk about the second path , this path seems to me like dead. It doesn’t have hope or positive things. I never want to be part of this path. But , Just like fate I am on this path. Its very hard to walk on this path. It is just not appealing to me. It is very tough to complete the journey on this path. I think this path chooses me and want to test my abilities to cope up with the situations.

I know things are not according to us sometimes, but you have to become very tough to handle situations. I know everyone think ,why this happens to me but accept it as your fate but at the same time you have to do lots of work so that it doesn’t affect your personality and your final destination. See yourself as a single person and don’t depend on anyone for your own happiness. Congratulations to those who got their right path and those who don’t get as per their choice, I suggest you to don’t get upset , Stay true to yourself, you never know what change have yet to come on your next turning. Just be prepared to change direction.

Thank You.


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