The society we live in today is a place where all that glitters isn’t gold and there is story behind every image. We have various examples around the world, who reveal the reality which is hidden behind every story. The world is ridden with unforeseen evils in various scenarios . While when we actually able to see the reality, it does not seem to us pretty, it does make for some hard hitting and sometimes disturbing.

One of the examples from this society which we try to see is everyone in this world want job for their living and for their family and for this from birth they have to do hard work and for achieving this, half of their life has been used. Without thinking about their own interests and want from their life, everyone take part in this race. And this happens because of our society mentality, the one who got the job even if it is not interested to them got respect from the society and the rest who don’t achieve got disrespect.

I want to know, how many people actually remain happy from their monotonous life. Many people who achieve everything are not happy from their life because they sacrifice many things which is much more important to them and due to this they feel suffocated from inside. Our society gripped us so tightly that most of us unable to live our life in our own terms and conditions.

Thank you.

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