Today I am writing about love . Meaning of love according to dictionary is “a profoundly tender , passionate affection for another person”. But only this is not enough to get a perfect kind of love . As we grow with the time and understand the meaning of love , everyone have dreamt for a beautiful kind of love in their life and that is the most innocent phase of love . To fulfill our dream love story ,we started looking for our love secretly . And sudden one person enters into your life and whole thing changes and you fall for him or her. May be this person is not exact as per your expectations but you try to adjust everything for him because you love him very much. Your whole small world becomes beautiful due to your dream love and you believe that you will spend your whole life with him . But as the times passes you will realize that what we exactly want from love . In this phase you might got hurt but this love teaches us lessons and makes us stronger. This love includes great pain , lies , betrayal , drama and damage. But it keep turning and one day your ache in your chest stopped hurting and all the broken little pieces of your heart and soul seemed to be put together , That’s when you realized that you don’t need that. When you get older you may look back and think it wasn’t love. But the truth is , it was. It was love for what you knew love to be.

After your beautiful dreamy love story end , you may think that you never love again but this is not possible my dear. You can’t control these things whether you have tried to avoid these things and becomes very rigid towards love and never want to be loved again. You never want to experience it again and feel that kind of love again . But after some time when the time passes , this love comes to you blindly without any warning . It creeps on you silently. You don’t go looking for this love , it comes to you. You can put up any wall you want , it will be broken down. You’ll find yourself caring about that person without trying. You lost your all hopes but you get lost in their eyes daily. You see beauty in their imperfections. And this is your true love whether you spend your whole life with him or not but you always love him from bottom of your heart . You want to try every possible things which make you to be with him whole life. The essence of love is in depth of it , so experience true love once in your life time.