Seeing “Living Souls” Through a Different Angle

66935-rhdvktqehy-1503907942Observing the life around us is very interesting thing to do. I often see people around me and sometimes it  take me to another level of thinking. By seeing different faces ,I think what other peoples are going through in their life and what are the sorrows and happiness they feel in their day to day life.  By thinking about their life , I begin to be the part of their life for a small moment.

There is only one thing we truly own while we are here on Earth. One thing that can never be taken from us and that we carry with us every single place we go every day of our lives and that is our Perception. Our perception is totally different from others and is very unique to us because there is no two people whose life have been exactly the same. Different things play a part in forming our perception like the way we were raised , the culture, relationships , types of movies , music , books we have been exposed to.

So, we can choose to see the world in a certain way and that is the reality but when someone comes along with a completely different perspective of life and vision , then they are also creating that reality for themselves. We are all living in the same world, we are all viewing the same people and scenery  but there are 365  ways to see the world. Everyone we meet is exactly where they need to be for their own journey , so we should  accept the people as they are and do not try to change people to meet our standards and expectations.

Your perception is your perception  , do not confuse them with facts or truth and choose to view life through a different lens.


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