2727204-FMQGJNBU-7Everything you want is already inside you. People should not depend on others for their solutions to their problems. You can never control the events of life but you can always control your response to them. You can always control the meaning you give to each situation of life. If you face any problem and you don’t know how to tackle it and the pain is unbearable then sit at one place and  talk to yourself  and find the solution to it. Sharing  problems to others is good thing but you don’t know how the other person perceive or comprehend your problem, so its better to find solution by yourself.  An individual perception for himself or herself  is self – esteem while self- image is one’s belief of how others view him or her. So it is very important to understand our own personality. Priorities will help you decide what needs to be done and in what order you want. It only depends on a person what they need most at that time, so whether you are going through lots of trauma in you life but you have to choose right path for you and for this if you have to bear the pain then bear it happily and focus on your priorities first.

Don’t allow your life to be controlled by your past ,other people opinion,relationships. Live in your present and try not to stuck in  prison of  your past. Defeat  you internal  enemy and never doubt yourself. Stop wasting time and try to solve your problem by yourself  because only you know what is right for you . Be open minded and respectful to peoples opinion but you decide what is good for you .

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